Our Story


Les Vraies Filles is the brainchild of passionate designer Kaatje Sandra.

Inspired by the radical architecture of Zaha Hadid, Giorgio Morandi’s muted

still lifes and the Scottish countryside, Kaatje designs graphic collections made

in Europe for women with a strong personality and a similar artistic sensibility.


A State of Mind

Les Vraies Filles is not just about clothing, it’s at least as much a mindset.

Of mixing and matching both choices and garments to make your life and

wardrobe really your own. Of not taking yourself too seriously.

Les Vraies Filles don’t compromise, they unapologetically do their own thing.

The Product 

Every Les Vraies Filles collection explores the potential of women’s suits

and can be worn in a multitude of ways. Well-cut, nonchalant and comfortable on the one hand, rock ‘n roll, contemporary and theatrical on the other.

Les Vraies Filles suits are a sartorial statement, fitting a cosmopolitan woman’s demanding schedule from day to night and night to day.